My Review: HVMN MCT Oil and Keto Collagen


I tried both these products and am so glad I did.

One of the first things I noticed was, I didn’t get hungry and I didn’t have all the cravings. Which is a very big deal if you’re trying to lose weight and not be tempted. Especially for anyone just getting started on Keto, or any weight loss program, really.

coffeeThey mix with anything. Water, juice, coffee, you name it. I take other powdered supplements so tried stirring these in and what a game changer! I ended up with a smooth, yummy shake-like drink that was tasty and easy to get down. I started taking my pill-type supplements with it and it made that regime so much easier, too!

I also noticed if I take these in the morning I have a lot of energy for hours, with no drop-down in my energy levels. This is a biggee if you’re working out or just need to be sharp and get out the door for work. And no jitters like you get from coffee or some of the energy drinks that are out there… big plus!

Personally, I like to mix them together, but that’s not required. It does give me an even creamier, more full-bodied drink, which for me makes it even more of a meal-replacement-type shake. But you don’t have to drink it that way.

I tried the unflavored Keto Collagen+ and the Chocolate MCT Oil Powder. For me that’s a great combination.

HVMNLove coffee and want a creamer that’s unsweetened? Then try the Keto Collagen+. It makes your coffee super-creamy and gives it a wonderful flavor. I did it with the unflavored, but you can also try the vanilla. Either one will give you a rich, dreamy cup of coffee or tea you can sip on that will help keep you full and satisfied much better than just a hot drink.

The other thing you’ll love about the Keto Collagen+ is how great your skin will feel. It has really helped my hands get through the dryness of the summer. I’ve noticed a big difference. Plus, it’s great for hair and nails, too.

Love working out, but feel it in your joints? Then you definitely have to try this. I don’t have near the ache in my knees I used to have after some of my workouts. And my shoulders don’t get nearly as sore, either.

So definitely a win-win on this product for me across the board!

HVMNThat brings me to the MCT Oil Powder. What can I say? This stuff just rocks.

Two things I so love about this product:

  • Keeps me alert.
  • Gives me great energy.

So now I don’t have to take multiple products for energy and don’t have to deal with the jitters and upset stomach of the energy drinks or coffee. Instead I go with the MCT Oil Powder and get everything I want in one great tasting shake-like super-creamy drink. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

So bottom line is, I’m sold on HVMN. What I’ve tried so far is certainly superior to anything else I’ve tried from other companies. Plus, their customer service is great. They’re so friendly and easy to talk to. Which is another big point in their favor!